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Software Asset Management & LICENSING Portfolio Analysis

While facing vendors' audit we help you eliminate weaknesses. A set of consulting services will be delivered by HOLZER & Associates to enable and maintain accurate software inventory and Licenses Optimization across your corporation. This resulting in a comprehensive report across your enterprise about all installed software applications, their quantities and any important license properties. This report might include depending on your requirements, items around:

  • Portfolio Analysis (inventory from both legal and functional perspectives)
  • Audit Support
  • License Optimization
  • Negotiation support with SW & HW vendors

An accurate software and license inventory will help you:

  • Identify any of your strategic and operative gaps
  • Determine the maturity degree of your SAM organization
  • Understand deviation of as-is-status toward best-practice organization
  • Assess risks of not closing the licensing gaps
  • Determine of possible cost savings (number of users per component)
  • Identify concrete measures to form a business case as a base to build the roadmap or a project plan 
  • Demonstrate affordable/low project risk with a high added value

All this, in a compact project period with purposeful results in just a dozen of days

Baseline provides you transparency

You might choose an independent partner who will protect you against one of the biggest threat resulting from inaccurate licensing. This again requires an uncompromising clarification of your actual license situation. Because both, over and under-licensing, can be a costly issue. Our offer creates a legal affirmation and offers you the best possible method to manage your licenses, contracts and negotiations with vendors.  is the ideal point in time to test your annual, often high and unmanageable software-related costs




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