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Roadmap Definition

CPM / BI Roadmap
The closer that you manage scope, the more likely you are that you will be successful in delivering your roadmap!

F. Holzer, Founder & Partner, HOLZER & Associates Ltd

The cost of change – and the impact of change on the business – is often cited as the reason why so many organisations still struggle on with existing platforms and architectures. Learn how HOLZER & Assocaites will help you mitigate this risk. Coming up with a business intelligence and corporate performance management (BI/CPM) initiative is one of the most challenging endeavors a business has to face. This is because new technologies have to be taken into consideration, more tasks have to be performed, responsibilities and roles have to be changed, and applications need to be delivered promptly without compromising on quality. A new methodology is required therefore an organization needs to have a well laid out BI/CPM roadmap. There are various stages that an organization has to go through to come up with the right roadmap. These stages include justification, planning, business analysis, design, construction, and deployment.

The justification stage in the DWH/BI/CPM architecture roadmap refers to the assessment of the business problem or opportunity that will give rise to an engineering project. During the planning stage, a tactical and strategic CPM/BI program plan is created to determine how the projects (packages in a phased approach) will be achieved (there are also cpm/bi operations that need to be carried out). The business analysis stage involves a comprehensive analysis of the opportunity or problem. This provides a greater understanding of the requirements that need to be met to come up with a solution. During the design project, the product is designed and this either solves the problem or takes advantage of the opportunity. In the construction stage, the product that was designed is created and expected to offer a return on the investment made within a specified period of time. The deployment stage involves implementing or selling the finished product. The effectiveness of the product is also measured at this stage to determine if the solution fails, meets or exceeds the expected returns on the investment made.

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