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Each program or project has unique challenges for all involved. Whether you are an owner, a consultant, contractor or a supplier, we can understand yours. Our reputation, independence and knowledge of the BI and CPM marketplace uniquely positions us as the EMEA’s premier resource for practitioners seeking answers to their burning issues. And if you can’t find the information you are looking for, use our extensive network to match you with the expertise you require.

We cover issues ranging from Data Warehousing to Business Analytics, Corporate Performance Management, Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting, Metrics & KPIs, Open Source, SOA, Business Process Management, Data Quality and Master Data Management.

The expertise is ours; the advantage is everyone’s Precision and certainty for decision making

The ability to correctly size and select all BI/CPM components right from the start leads to greater efficiency in the end. The same is true concerning the suppliers selection. Everything and everyone work better because everything and everyone are made to work together.

Performance and reliability for contractors

High-quality solutions made for years of service protect performance levels and reputations. Having one trustworthy advisor for all vital areas of a BI/CPM Architecture helps keep the project organized and well managed throughout the process.

Speed and simplicity for service providers and owners

An integrated range of components designed for easy connection and integration makes implementation faster and more straightforward. The knowledge that each component is made to work harmoniously with the overall system ensures your peace of mind and a reduction, if not eradication, of implementation downtime. 

Efficiency and comfort for owners & stakeholders

Increasing a BI/CPM Architecture’s efficiency increases its monetary value and the respect stakeholders have for it. By optimizing processes and data quality it not only means extra comfort but also a reduction in overall downtime, thus resulting in increased revenue.

Our Advisory Board is comprised of some of the EMEA’s foremost BI and CPM experts and practioners handpicked for their sector and functional expertise. They regularly contribute thought-leadership via their editorial input into our portal, reports and surveys and help to ensure that our consultants are on the cutting edge of the latest trends emerging in the marketplace.

Having had the opportunity to experience performance management both as consultants as well as from various roles within the finance & control community, HOLZER & Associates Ltd consultants have developed an all-round and industry- and software vendor independent view on the topic. This has culminated in a deep understanding of BI/DWH/CPM concepts and the way to utilize them in a corporation so that the various stakeholder requirements fit seamlessly together. Passion for the BI/CPM discipline and a continuous drive for innovation are recurring elements in HOLZER & Associates’ daily practice.

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F. Holzer

Driven business and management consultant fascinated by investigating critical niches and by building teams that yield enduring BI and CPM solutions.

Major involvement [with significant finance transformation programs around EPM/BI projects worldwide (with focus on e.g. budgeting, planning, forecasting, reporting and analysis), able to demonstrate both sophisticated consulting skills in English, French, Spanish at C-suite level, and depth of knowledge of finance processes], since 1999, in over 60 consulting assignments to senior executives and management. Developed expertise in a wide range of disciplines: strategic planning and implementation, organizational planning, operational reviews, human resources and financial consulting.

Website: www.linkedin.com/in/fgholzer
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