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Results-Based Management for Nonprofit Organizations: From Strategy to Workplans

The above statement ”From Strategy to Workplans” sounds simpler as it often is! We are well aware of this, however we believe, that we can help you getting on the way! HOLZER & Associates Ltd has a strong experience in dealing and implementing UN-centric Results-Based Management Framework and solutions. We would be pleased to invite you to take part in a set of exclusive roundtable events and onsite presentations, where we will show you how and with which solutions we can definitely help you.


Our i-Transformation Model

Following IBM CEO, Samuel Palmisano, assertion: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”, it’s no wonder many CEOs are gun shy on claims that technology investment will help us improve performance – do you remember Y2K, eCommerce and even CRM? Clearly many technology solutions have been oversold in their ability to drive effective ROI. Managers are in the “Drivers’ seat”. But, do they really have the map? Do they drive profit and performance with IS? And finally, are they able to accurately measure their success?

Holzer & Associates’ Best Practice Implementation Tools offer a vendor-neutral approach (Holzer & Zimmermann i-Transformation Framework™) to determining the most appropriate technology, quantifying the value-added generated that one might reasonably expect to obtain and creating an implementation blueprint addressing people, process and technology to ensure this return is obtained. This proprietary approach, called BI Transformation, works as a handbook for efficient CXOs. 


Mind the Gap

Bridging IT-Business divide is a two-way street. CPM and BI can definitely help. The eternal gap between IT departments and business units bedevils many organizations. But there’s a way to get them on the same page. Corporate Performance Management and Business Intelligence also have a role to play.


Benefits of automating the financial reporting and performance management processes

Solutions that automates financial reporting and budgeting can enable users to perform in-depth what-if analysis, speed up the process and simplify financial analytics. It can also increase regulatory compliance and reduce the amount of labor involved in generating reports. While financial reporting and analysis software of the past often required heavy IT support, experts say the latest systems are now being designed for nontechnical business users.


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